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Malgudi Home
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Imagine stepping into a charming village home straight out of an old storybook, tucked in a huge coffee plantation just a short drive from Madikeri Town in Coorg. This place is like a rustic dream, with wooden ceilings, three cozy bedrooms, and modern bathrooms. There's even a cool loft where a few people can crash.But here's the magic—it's not about fancy rooms. It's about being surrounded by nature, with fruit trees, little water spots, and the Cauvery River nearby. Picture yourself taking leisurely strolls in the plantation, doing yoga on misty mornings, and soaking in the sun with birds singing in the background.Meet Babu and Yeshodha—they're like the hosts of your dreams. They serve up delicious homemade food with that special Coorgi taste, making you feel right at home. This place feels like a time machine, letting you kick back and be lazy in the midst of pure, fresh air. The only interruptions are the occasional jeep passing by or the sound of Babu Anna's mixer grinder when he's cooking up something tasty. It's a retreat that takes you back in time, letting you enjoy the simple pleasures in the heart of Coorg's natural beauty.

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